Railroad Perfection – #2

Hawkes – Red brick.  When I was very small I thought that every red brick contained a friendly gnome.  Maybe I saw a television show or read a book where that was the case.  I don’t know.  But the house must be red brick.  Top to bottom.

Alice – Yes, dear.

Hawkes – Not the roof, of course.  But everything is so expensive.  I never thought I would care about money so much but I lie awake at night wondering about interest rates.  Do you know how much our lives would improve if the interest rates went down half a percent?  It’s incredible.

Alice – Yes, dear.

Hawkes – And it’s not just that.  I don’t dream much anymore.  Isn’t that odd?  I never thought about it until maybe a month ago.  I can’t for the life of me think of the last dream I had.  What could it mean?  What does it say about me?  Have I lost my ability to dream, and if so, can I ever get it back?  I suppose I shouldn’t worry.

Alice – Yes, dear.

Hawkes – Out there, look, smoke, a – plume of it.  Yes.  A fire?  It would have to be.  They are at it again.  Nothing has ever been the same, has it?  Our lives aren’t what they were.

Alice – Yes, dear.

Hawkes – But there’s still a future and I can’t help but go back to the bricks.  Deep red are, I think, $1.75 more than the lighter bricks.  That adds up!  But I want them.  Damn the cost!  Oh, it hurts me to say it.  More debt.  More worry.  And the rates!

Alice – Hawkes, please please please can you stop talking.  Please you are making my heard hurt until I feel like my skull is going to squeeze out my mind.  This endless endless chattering.  Please.

Part of the Railroad Perfection series

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