A Book, Read – #13/2015 – Aira, César – The Hare

I once had a desire to read Aira in the original Spanish.  There are so many of his books, and they are almost all very short, so why not?

I never did, but the hope is still there.

The Hare is the longest of his that I have read in English.  I find that Aira works best between 80 – 120 pages.  After that, his ideas become too stretched, and the scaffolding of his work can’t quite carry the weight of the larger page count.  The Hare, at 266 pages, is far too long, and I really lost interest in it after about p100.

I still want to, and will, read everything of his that I can get my hands on, but I have become more wary of his bigger books.  They aren’t bigger in any meaningful sense (thematically, plot, substance, quality), just page count.  And that’s not much, is it?

The Books, Read page contains a list of all of the books I have read this year.

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