Railroad Perfection – #17

Anton – Go on.

Sandra – But that’s really it.  There’s no more to it.

Anton – That’s all you can say?  I say all of that, and you have no response?

Sandra – I did respond.  I agree with you.  I agree with everything.  What else can I say?

Anton – But, I just.  I don’t understand how I can talk for all of that time and you say so little back.

Sandra – I don’t know what you want from me.  You say things.  I listen, and I think about it, and I process your words.  And then I agree.  Sometimes I don’t, but this time I do.  I’ve thought about it and, Anton, you are right.

Anton – I suppose from my perspective I want to hear the reasoning.  The thoughts.  Not just the final outcome.

Sandra – I’ve never.  Sometimes when I think about something.  No.  Let me try.  Often when I think about something I don’t really think about the topic, or the arguments, or the words.  I think in colours.  I let colour wash over me, and whatever feels right is what I go with.  Blue is the colour of agreement.  Or at least it feels like blue.  It’s also the colour of sadness.  Memory.  Forgiveness.  Yesterday.  Regret.  Confidence.  I love blue.  I felt blue wash over me, and then I agreed with you.  Blue how I love you blue.

Anton – Paz?

Sandra – No, Anton.

Part of the Railroad Perfection series


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