Railroad Perfection – #22

Holly – And I would say to everyone that it was going to happen, and when it didn’t I just hoped they would forget I said anything.  And it would build in me and I would think about it all of the time, and weeks would pass, and I’d look back, and think, my god, it was three weeks ago.  What happened?

Jean – What happened?

Holly – Nothing.  I don’t know.  Time went by.

Jean – You’ve heard that promises are made to be broken?

Holly – I’ve heard it, but that doesn’t mean –

Jean – But you’ve heard it?

Holly – Yes.

Jean – I promise things to myself all of the time, and I break them every day.  It’s easy.  Shouldn’t be.  But none of this is new or interesting.  What I am saying to you, Holly, is – so what?

Holly – What?  What do you mean, so what?

Jean – So what, you say things and they don’t happen.  Laziness is easy to forgive.  A lack of ambition is easy to forgive.  So what and so what.

Holly – I didn’t realise –

Jean – No.

Holly – Jean –

Holly – No.  Holly, no.

Part of the Railroad Perfection series


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