The Journal of Failure – Week 7 – 12 February 2016 – 18 February 2016



  • Goal – 120p / day, or 840 / week
  • Achieved – 417/840 – Failure

Writing – I Remember

  • Goal – 14 / week
  • Achieved – 7/14 – Failure

Writing – Fragments

  • Goal – 5 / week
  • Achieved – 0/5 – Failure

Writing – Large Projects

  • Goal – 3,500 words / week, or 5hrs 15minutes
  • Achieved – 10,337/3,050 – Success!

Website Posting

  • 5 days of posting (anything)
  • Achieved – 5 days/5 days – Success!



Huge blow-out this week for writing.  I started something new, and perhaps it will be successful, perhaps not, but either way the enthusiasm of it caused me to go into overdrive with writing.  Sure, a lot of it is just “vomit on a page” writing, but it’s there and I am developing ideas, and I can work with that.  I can’t work with a blank page, can I?

The big down this week was the “I Remember”.  Really, I should be writing 7 per week, but I am a touch behind and need to catch up, and the only way to do that is to write more than one a day.  I want to get caught up and then never fall behind, which may or may not be achievable.

And reading was fine.  Incidentally, I am rather more shaken about the death of Umberto Eco than I thought I would be, and perhaps that his because he is one of those writers I enjoyed and admired early in my reading life, and thus looms larger than the writers I recognise today as my influencers?  I’m unsure, but at any rate I am reading one of his novels now as a kind of homage.

Each week I aim to provide an update on the Journal of Failure.  These reports are intended to provide an impetus for me to achieve as much as I should/more than I do, and also to provide a further ongoing record of my life, as it is. 


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