I Remember – #960

I remember being driven from Maryborough to Brisbane when I was 18 or so, though I don’t remember the reason or who was driving.  I shared the backseat of the car with my ‘ex best friend’ from high school (remember when such things mattered!), and listened to him while he explained the backstory behind his 10-book series (of which he would go on to write 0 words), mildly hating him the entire time.  Mildly because, and for some time before then, I had felt strongly towards his girlfriend, and had in fact carried something of a torch for her, on and off, throughout the entirety of high school.  But even by 18 those feelings were fading as I entered adulthood and high school drifted away.

-8 May 2017

This post is part of the I Remember series.


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