Short Story Reviews

This page acts a collection-point for the various short stories reviewed on the website. This index includes short stories published in print magazines and online, as well as printed novel-sized collections, such as the Best European Fiction 2010 series.

There are currently 68 short stories under review.

Online Collections

Ambit Magazine
Gravel Magazine
The Guardian
Latin American Literature Today
The Maple Tree Literary Supplement
Minor Literature[s]
Three Percent (Open Letter Books)
Words Without Borders

Printed Collections

A Life on Paper – Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud
Absinthe: New European Writing:
Issue 13: Spotlight on Romania
Best European Fiction:
Best European Fiction 2011
Bucharest Tales
Exiles – Çiler İlhan
Open Letter – The Future is Not Ours: New Latin American Fiction
Review of Contemporary Fiction:
Vol. XXX #1 – Writing From Postcommunist Romania
Vol XXX, #2 – Slovak Fiction
The Stinging Fly
Volume 2, Issue 30


Online Collections

Ambit Magazine
Fisher, Erin Frances – Winter Road

Esterházy, Péter – She Loves Me
Tóth, Krisztina – The Pigeon (trans. Ottilie Mulzet)

Issue 71-73
Simić, Mima – Boys Don’t Cry

Gravel Magazine
Ellis, Amanda – Maybe
Levine, Eleanor – Gravel
Wood, Brian – Fallen Timbers
Weinberger, David H – Summer Streets

The Guardian
Tanase, Stelian – Zgaiba

Latin American Literature Today
Colanzi, Liliana – The Eye (trans. Auston Stiefer)
Castagnet, Martín Felipe – Bonsai (trans. George Henson)
Copacabana, Lola – L.L. Is a Marr(i)ed Woman (trans. Samantha Schnee)
Damián Miravete, Gabriela  – They Will Dream in the Garden (trans. Adrian Demopulos)
González Cárdenas, Javier – Jagged Rage (trans. Christina Miller)
Paz Soldán, Edmundo – Doctor AN (trans. Arthur Dixon)
Pitol, Sergio – Victorio Ferri Tells a Tale (trans. George Henson)
Villafuerte, Nadia
Happy Box (trans. Pennell Somsen)
Cosmo Girl (trans. Julie Ann Ward)

The Maple Tree Literary Supplement
Issue 7
Ifedigbo, Sylva Nze – The Lunch on Good Friday

Minor Literature[s]
Nunnery, Lizzie – Moving to the Sticks
Rakha, Youssef – The Secret History of Atheism
Tomaszewski, Tom – Two of Us in Seaford

Three Percent (Open Letter Books)
Fresán, Rodrigo – Snatching Bodies (trans. Will Vanderhyden)

Nikolaidis, Andrej – So Much Time For So Few Things

Words Without Borders
Adamek, André-Marcel – The Ark (trans. Edward Gauvin)
Bán, Zsófia – Frau Röntgen’s Hand (trans. Jim Tucker)
Batiz, Martha – María Times Seven (Trans. Martha Batiz)
Batayeva, Zaure – Dismissed (Trans. Zaure Batayeva and Shelley Fairweather-Vega)
Dimitrijević, Dejana – The Cover (Trans. Alice Copple-Tosić)
Graff, Laurent – Delphine’s Illness (Trans. Helen Dickinson)
Gzar, Mortada – While He Was Sitting There (trans. Claire C. Jacobson)
Halfon, Eduardo – Good Women and Bad Women (Trans. Daniel Hahn)
Mán-Várhegyi, Réka – Woman Striker Has Killer Left Foot (Trans. Owen Good)
Ralambo, Bao – Blastomycosis (Trans. Allison M. Charette)
Xerxenesky, Antônio – Seizing Cervantes (Trans. Kim M Hastings)
Vadi, Urmas – Boycott (Trans. Adam Cullen)
Vadi, Urmas – Ground Beef Land (Trans. Adam Cullen)
Villoro, Juan – Holding Pattern (Trans. Lisa M. Dillman)
Yumiko, Kurahasi – Apollo’s Head (Trans. Ian MacDonald)


Printed Collections

A Life on Paper – Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud
A Citizen Speaks
A City of Museums
A Life on Paper
A Room on the Abyss
The Beautiful Coalwoman
The Guardicci Masterpiece
Icarus Saved from the Skies

Absinthe: New European Writing
Issue 13: Spotlight on Romania
Teodorovici, Lucian Dan – Chewing Gum

Best European Fiction
Best European Fiction 2011 – Hemon, Aleksandar (ed.)
German – Sprenger, Stefan – Dust
Icelandic – Eiríksdóttir, Kristín – Holes in People
United Kingdom: Welsh: Roberts, Wiliam Owen – The Professionals
Spanish: Catalan: Ibarz, Mercé – Nela and the Virgins
Spanish: Vila-Matas, Enrique – Far From Here
Macedonian: Minevski, Blaže – Academician Sisoye’s Inaugural Speech
Serbian: Arsenijević, Vladimir – One Minute: Dumbo’s Death

Bucharest Tales
Călin Torsan – The Scent of Love
Firan, Carmen – The Farce
Drysdale, Helena – Ana, Camil, Niculina, and Me
Ormsby, Mike – Mother Tongue

Exiles – Çiler İlhan (trans. Ayşegül Toroser Ateş)
Zobar and Başa, Iraq II, Ball, I’m a Bastard!
You Killed, Batman, My Daughter, Baby Girl
Number 5, The Seed, Dimwits, Wreck

Open Letter – The Future is Not Ours: New Latin American Fiction
Coelho, Oliverio – Sun-Woo

The Review of Contemporary Fiction
Vol. XXX #1 Writing From Postcommunist Romania
Adameşteanu, Gabriela  – The Hour Commute (trans. Georgiana Galateanu-Farnoaga and Robert Denis)
Vol. XXX, #2 Slovak Fiction
Hochel, Braňo – My Best Story

The Stinging Fly
Volume 2, Issue 30
Poblete, Nicolás – Rings



Călin Torsan – Spare No Rod
Stead, Christina – Street Idyll