Railroad Perfection – #7

David – You need to speak up, son.

Simon – Sometimes I feel so strongly towards things that I am worried I might burst.  I don’t know how to handle it.  It happens most often when I read.  If I am really enjoying a book, if it really speaks deeply to my heart, then I can’t think properly, I need to move about and, I don’t know, I suppose, live.  I feel kinetic.

David – From a book?  All of that?

Simon – I know you don’t understand, Dad.  But you asked.

David – It is more that at your age –

Simon – I don’t want to –

David – Listen.  At your age I had other concerns.  You know.  The war.  I don’t need to detail it.  You know.  And I suppose because of that I never really developed a feeling for these other things that you talk about.  Five years ago I would say that I hated the fact that you devoted – wasted, I thought – your time on books, on art, on history.  Now, I guess I would say that I really just resented that you could spend your time reading, and I had to spent my time killing.  It’s not your fault.  And it’s not mine.

Simon – I know.  Yes.

Simon – The trees are greener, here.  How could that be?  I think I might be imagining that, though.  I’m glad we came here.  Well, we aren’t here yet, but soon!  I never thought I’d see Paris.

David – How strange for a twenty year old to say such a thing.

Part of the Railroad Perfection series


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