Fragment #86 – 14 January 2015



“Everything must be recorded and nothing ever spoken.  Memory occurs through created work and nothing else.  Associations must be created in order to avoid the fade of memory.  Eschew sloth.  Resist apathy.  Ten minutes is easy to give away, but a year wasted feels like a catastrophe – remember that each year is comprised of hundreds of ten minutes.  There can be nothing left to now but writing and books.  How disappointed I will be to look back at all of this and find nothing.  An empty bookshelf is sad.  An unread pile is worse if it will never be read.  What dreams do other people have?  If they can’t achieve them, then why do I think that mine have any special value?”

I must add an addendum to the above supplementary material in order to ensure that the clearest and least equivocal message is stated: the above paragraphs is the work not of a madman, not of a suicide, not of a fool.  It is the diary entry of one Joseph K—-, who was selected to participate in a harmless survey which intended to provide nothing more than a chronicle of ordinary thoughts.

Why, then, is Joseph K—- so concerned with death, memory, regrets, and books?  Is this ordinary, or is he a particularly melancholy soul?

Unfortunately we will never know, as the experiment restricts access to the subject beyond their daily paragraph, their name, and a unique identify.  And besides, nothing he ever writes is of particular interest, although the accumulation suggests, potentially, profound thinking.

I wish him well.

Dr. Andreas Calles, Barcelona, Spain

* * *

The above piece of writing comprises part of my fragments project, some of which are available on this website.  I intend to add new fragments piecemeal, not in any particular order, and as the occasion take me.


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